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Sirsi is a medium sized farming and trading town in the northwest part of Karnataka.  The journey to and from Sirsi is via a 10hr sleeper(less) bus.


The clinic runs for two days every month, specifically the last Thursday and Friday of each month.  Clinic sessions are held in Hotel Samrat.


Each day an average of 60 patients are treated by a team of 3 homeopaths with 3 assistants.   Ailments range from diabetes, to vitiligo and from general skin complaints to serious chronic ailments.

Example of clinical results


Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, which is characterised by the formation of thick red patches covered with silvery scales on the surface of skin. It is common among both men and women. Psoriasis usually occurs on elbows, knees, scalp, underarms and genital areas.   The cause of psoriasis is unknown but it has been linked to the following; hereditary weakness, emotional stress, climatic conditions, use of certain drugs, use of certain medicines and infections.  There are numerous treatments with varying success in reducing the symptoms.  Psoriasis is labeled by conventional medicine as “incurable”.

Although it is not contagious or life threatening it can cause patients a great deal of personal embarrassment and suffering.

This is the case of a 43 year old woman who had suffered from almost complete body psoriasis for 25 years.  After just 4 months of treatment she has an almost compete cure with only some visible scars of the previous chronic “incurable” disease.

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