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The clinic at Chintamani was established in 2003.  However, treatment has been temporarily suspended due to lack of funds.

We hope to continue this important service soon.

Example of clinical results.

Global retardation:

In globally retarded cases both mental and physical development is extremely slow. In such cases the best conventional medicine can offer is to try and make the growing child comfortable and not a danger to himself.  As adolescence approaches the child becomes a huge physical burden on his parents/guardians.  The child, then the adult is completely dependent especially physically, commonly unable to even lift the weight of their heads due to spinal weakness, there is no chance of them ever walking or talking.  There is little if anything that can be done.  They will always be dependent even for the very basics like feeding and toilet necessities.

This 3.5 year old boy was diagnosed with global retardation, he could not stand, lift his head or grab anything with his hands, and his spinal weakness was evident.  By the end of the treatment (10months) he could walk unassisted and say Mommy and Daddy.  Unfortunately this child will never be “normal” but homeopathic treatment has afforded him some normal level of development and dignity as well as increasing his level of comfort and reducing the burden of care on his parents.

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